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So If prose is my strongest feature, I understand perspective flawlessly, have strong senses of

complex characters and their motivations, a good story..

I should be mostly fine.

My biggest problem while there are many similarities in my setting to earth's 13th to 17th centuries, to the point it is intended to mirror

this period However, there are many massively different things about

the culture and system, and I don't want assumptions of

these things getting the reader confused.

I am split between intentionally using the readers ideas of knights, castles, etc

to my advantage, and intentionally avoiding medieval terms, and having them realize, a bit slower,

that "these people are a bit like knights."

Its also an issue of showing vs telling. Learning about the world should not

feel like a history textbook, however it is

so different from our own, getting that information out is quite difficult without creating pacing issues.

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