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Shadiversity, does skill have an upper cap?

I am thinking especially in relation to fantasy universes where some

creatures can live for very long, typical examples being elves.

How would that affect their skill and proficiency with their

weapon? Essentially, 'how good' can you get at fighting and swordplay, assuming similar to human physicality.

Imagine a 500yr old fighter who spent 400 yrs of

his life practicing his art. How much better would he be than say a typical human knight who had spent a decade

or so on his craft?

Also, in another example, would the 500yr old fighter be significantly better than a 300yr fighter, or would the difference

here be less even though there were centuries of years in difference?

If you had 1000s of years to practice, how long would it take you to

master everything you could master in a given fighting style?

Or is there even such an upper limit?

This question is especially inspired by how fast, relatively speaking, many of

our elite forces on Earth are trained to amazing levels of ability(think special forces,

Knightly Orders etc), and myself suspecting that the

difference between a 50yr old fighter and a 500yr old fighter wouldn't be that different, even if they both spent an equal portion of

their lives training.

If you had eternal youth & time, how long would it take for you to become the best

you could be, at which point there were no

significant improvements you could make to your fighting style?

Would like to hear your input on this!

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